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About Face: Works by Diane Arbus, August Sander, Rineke Dykstra, Thomas Ruff and others

June 10 – August 23, 2002

August Sander Notary, Koln, 1924
Chan Chao Thaung Tin and Friend, May 1997
Chan Chao Two Novice Monks, June 1997
Mette Tronvoll Peder, Svorkmo, 2000
Mette Tronvoll Anastasia and Nina
Jitka Hanzlova Julia, Essen, 1998
Jitka Hanzlova Betty, Praha, 2000
August Sander Master Mason, Koln, 1927
Dawoud Bey Michael, 2001
August Sander Pastry Cook, Koln-Lindenthal, 1928
Jona Frank Brian, Band, Wisconsin, 1999

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