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Kahn & Selesnick

City of Salt

May 15 – July 3, 2003

The City of Salt, 2003,
Arabian Nights, 2003,
The Blacksun, 2002,
The Flyer, 2003,
The Tale of the Demon and the Nine Brothers of Business, 2002,
The Two Streets, 2003,
The Lake of Dreams, 2002,
City of Salt, 2003,
The Tale Tale of Shiraz and the Sacred Pomegranate Plum, 2002,
The Three Brothers, 2001,
The Subjugation of the Flute, 2001,
The Tale of the Sajikman and the Majesta Lily, 2001,
On the Edges of the Marshes, 2001,
Suspended, 2001, archical inkjet print,
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