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Art History: Photography References Painting

Vik Muniz, Yasamasa Morimura, Lorna Simpson, Elger Esser, Joel Peter Witkin, James Welling. David Seidner, David Hilliard, Tom Hunter, Eve Sussman, Sharon Core, Alvin Booth and Douglas Mellor

March 25 – April 29, 2004

David Seidner, Bernadette Jurkowski, 1994
Joel Peter Witkin, Poussin in Hell, 1999
John O'Reilly Nijinsky in Paris, 1995
Vik Muniz Self Portrait after Rembrandt (from Pictures of Chocolate), 2002
Tom Hunter Eve of the Party, 2000
Lorna Simpson Corridor, 2003/2004
Eve Sussman The Infanta Presents Herself, 2004
James Welling IPYE, 2001(from "Degrades" series)
Elger Esser Cap-Antife - Elretat, La Roche D'aval, 2000
David Hilliard Swimmers, 2003
Douglas Mellor Still Life with Spoon, Prague, 1994
Yasumasa Morimura Singing Sunflowers, 1998
Sharon Core Club Sandwich, 2003
Sharon Core Around the Cake, 2003
Alvin Booth Untitled (0104455), 2001
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